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Four of the Myths About Waterproofing

If youíre investing in a niche industry, you may not know all of the details about it. So, when you read up on the services said industry provides and find myths on the Internet, itís hard to know where the truth lies. As dedicated basement waterproofing in RI professionals, we at Global Basement Waterproofing want […]

Did You Know We Also Work With Drains?

Though water damage is a pretty obvious effect, its cause isnít. It seems that a wall break is the most popular and prominent cause of water damage, but other things can cause it. For example, a faulty drain system can cause water to seep in and reek havoc on your basement. Luckily, our team has […]

Why You Should Consider A Bulkhead

If you own property, you know how difficult keeping up with it can be. Itís even harder when you are trying to add to your home and weigh the pros and cons. While a bulkhead may not be on your ďmust-haveĒ list, itís a quality investment that we at Global Basement Waterproofing believe will pay […]

Three Ways To Improve Air Quality

Excess moisture has plenty of effects that we may not see day to day. While itís easy to notice a leak and get your basement waterproofed after the fact, the chances are that you donít think about the air quality of your home. Itís an essential factor of your health and can get impacted by […]

Five Things Waterproofing Can Prevent

Too often, we donít think of preventative measures in our home. They are always a wise investment, and they usually pay off in the end. Waterproofing may seem like something unnecessary, but it can make your basement more livable and prevent unsightly effects. Global Basement Waterproofing is happy to help any customers that need to […]

Why Hire Global Basement Waterproofing?

When investing in something as crucial and large-scale as waterproofing, it can be difficult to find the right company to do so. After all, this is an investment that is meant to endure and protect your home. However, you can be sure of the work Global Basement Waterproofing does. Weíre happy to provide our service […]