Dangers of Water Damage

Dangers of Water Damage

The extent and cost to repair water damage depends heavily on how long it takes for you to take care of it. The longer a leak goes untreated, the more damage it will cause. Although catastrophic events like hurricanes and flooding can cause water damage, every day rainstorms can often cause problems that can make a home uninhabitable if untreated. Turn to MA foundation repair companies, like the professionals here at Global Basement Waterproofing, to feel at ease knowing your home is properly sealed.

Structural Damage

The first harmful product of water damage is structural damage. Water can weaken many building materials, and the longer the leak is left untreated, the more erosion it can cause. Further, water damaged wood is a breeding ground for termites – which can then create holes and weaken the structural integrity of the wood.

Cracks in your foundation may need attention from an MA foundation repair company like us. If left in disrepair, the water that is getting into your home can cause health problems. Mold is a typical example here, as well as other organisms that can make you sick. Mold is known to increase the presence of allergy and asthma symptoms, as well as make breathing difficult.

How Much Damage is There?

To understand the level of damage present, there is a helpful class system. Class one damage means it is minimal, and repairs will be relatively easy. Class two and three are classified as having high rates of evaporation. For example, if a room in your home was exposed to water for a short period, and only the furniture got wet. Class four damage is the highest level of damage and will require special removal and restoration procedures. It typically involves damage to concrete, hardwood floors, or plaster.

Water damage isnít something to joke about. If left untreated, both the financial and time burden of repair grow exponentially. To minimize this damage, call us at 508-990-7800 for some of the best MA foundation repair professionals in the business.