Five Things Waterproofing Can Prevent

Five Things Waterproofing Can Prevent

Too often, we donít think of preventative measures in our home. They are always a wise investment, and they usually pay off in the end. Waterproofing may seem like something unnecessary, but it can make your basement more livable and prevent unsightly effects. Global Basement Waterproofing is happy to help any customers that need to avoid the following issues excess moisture can cause.

1.) Mold

Water is like a magnet for mold. If you let an area get damp enough and donít attend to it, mold growth is inevitable. Mold causes health issues, exterior, and interior damage, and can be hard to remove once itís settled into a living space. With waterproofing, you prevent water damage. Thus you prevent mold growth.

2.) Excess Water

A bit on the nose, we know! Still, itís always good to have some peace of mind and get something that will work in an emergency. If you live somewhere with significant rain or snowfall, waterproofing is a sound investment that will ensure your basement stay dry.

3.) Interior Damage

Too much water can make appliances rust, damage clothing, and make wood soft and breakable. A dry basement is much more secure than one with any risk of flooding. Youíll be happy you have some extra protection when your appliances and other items remain intact.

4.) Poor Air Quality

Mold growth causes poor air quality, which impacts health in a significant way. Plus, if water that has bacteria or other contaminants in it, the air quality can become much worse for the wear and cause issues.

5.) Debt

When your basement gets flooded, you need to deal with the aftermath. It takes a lot of labor and parts to restore your basement, which can take a toll financially. Youíll prevent any future debt if you donít let water into your house.

Investing in waterproofing may seem premature, but doing so can save you from plenty of headaches. Weíd love to share more information with you, so give Global Basement Waterproofing a call at (508)-990-7800 and see what we can do for you today!