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Keep your basement dry by adding one of our sump pump set ups

You can feel confident that your foundation is protected from natural water with our sump pumps!


We use only the highest quality products for long-lasting operation and reliability. These sump pumps will operate quietly in the background so you don't even have to think about the possibility of a wet basement.

  • Proven quality since 1939

  • Industrial strength pumps

Our Zoeller® 1/3 horse pump gives you performance and dependability that can't be beat. With the capability of pumping over 40 gallons per minute, along with its cast iron and stainless steel construction, you can count on virtually noise free operation for years to come. We install this reliable pump in a corrosion free sealed basin over two feet in depth complete with a rugged cover that fits flush to your basement floor.

We also install

pro series alarms that warn you when your Sump Pump fails

By installing a second Zoeller® pump with a strictly higher activation point we relieve the concern of sump pump failure. If the primary pump failed to operate the second pump would activate automatically and continue pump operation.

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pump system!


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Install a double pump set up for

extra protection

  • Supreme reliability

  • Virtually silent operation

Install a battery back up system to protect you against power outages

Battery back up system

Pump Sentry interfaces between a pump and its AC wall outlet. When AC utility power is present, the unit charges a battery and monitors the wall outlet to detect a power outage. At the moment utility power fails, the unit draws energy from a battery and converts it to enable pump operation. When utility power returns, the unit automatically switches the pump back to AC wall outlet power. At the same time, the unit resumes charging the battery to return it to full capacity in preparation for the next power failure.

Double pump set