Do You Need a Sump Pump?

Do You Need a Sump Pump?

Having a leaky basement is one of the most severe problems you can face as a homeowner. It can turn your basement into a swimming pool after even the smallest rain storm. But have no fear, itís also one of the easiest problems to fix. Here at Global Basement, we offer various solutions for leaking […]

Prepare For Winter with MA Basement Waterproofing

With summer in the rearview mirror, you might think youíre in the clear for a little while when it comes to water damage. Fall is usually a relatively dry season, so itís the perfect time to evaluate your home and prepare for the winter. Here at Global Basement Waterproofing, we offer a variety of professional […]

Does Your RI Home Need A Dehumidifier System?

With summer coming to a close, you might think you might be finished with worrying about things like bugs and excessive moisture. But just because the weather is drying up, doesnít mean you no longer have to worry about humidity in your home. Fall is the perfect time to assess and decide if you need […]

Four of the Myths About Waterproofing

If youíre investing in a niche industry, you may not know all of the details about it. So, when you read up on the services said industry provides and find myths on the Internet, itís hard to know where the truth lies. As dedicated basement waterproofing in RI professionals, we at Global Basement Waterproofing want […]