Preparing For Winter With Basement Drain Systems

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With summer in the rearview mirror, many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they are in the clear from water damage. With fall being a relatively dry season and winter being a frozen season, water entering the home is a thought for another time. However, fall is also the perfect time to evaluate your home. One area to look into is basement drain systems for Massachusetts residences. While you may not be concerned with flooding this time of year, the snow will thaw, and the storms will come.

At Global Basement Waterproofing, we take pride in offering our customers a variety of professional services to help keep your home protected. However, we also understand that efforts go beyond our services. In this article, we’re providing you with a few things you can do on your own to enhance your basement waterproofing efforts.


What can you do?

While installing basement drain systems in Massachusetts homes is an excellent choice, you can also do a few things outside the walls. For example, altering your landscape can drastically reduce the amount of water buildup around the foundation. Making sure the land around your house slants away from the foundation is another crucial component to keeping water from entering. Even though plants and shrubbery can be aesthetically pleasing, they should also be placed at a minimum distance of ten feet. Furthermore, you want to double-check that your ground spouts and gutters are not discharging water closer than five feet to your foundation.

Minor leaks are generally something a homeowner can repair on their own. By purchasing various waterproofing materials and sealers for your basement walls, small leaks are remedied. Large cracks or severe foundational concerns are best left to the professionals.


What do you do?

After all that said, you may be wondering what exactly the team at Global Basement Waterproofing handles? Our professionals take protecting your home to the next level with sump pump and basement drain system installation. These solutions redirect water away from the home, improve ventilation, and create an overall safer environment for your family.

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