When Is The Best Time For Basement Weatherproofing?

Depending on which region of the country you reside in, basement weatherproofing often proves to be a worthwhile investment. For example, here in New England, homeowners experience wet weather nearly all year long. Without taking added measures, water penetration into the home can lead to several undesirable and costly results.

However, gauging the weather and deciding to move forth with weatherproofing your basement may seem overwhelming. When is the best time of year to do so? Where do you begin? Does your basement need to be emptied? Here at Global Basement, our experts are here to answer your questions!


What does basement weatherproofing entail?

Weatherproofing your basement can entail several methods and techniques. From drainage installation to polyurethane applications, every project is unique in what is required. Your team of professionals will begin by assessing the current condition of your foundation. Determining whether there are cracks or masonry deterioration will decide which path is best to fully protect your basement.

Often, your team of professionals will seal the interior by injecting adhesives into the foundation. This process seals any cracks, cutting off the path of water penetration.


When is the best time to contact Global Basement Waterproofing?

As the saying goes, there is no time like the present. Regardless of the season, the team at Global Basement Waterproofing is here to ensure your home is protected! Whether there is water penetration or you are taking precautionary measures, our expert team knows how to protect you from water problems in your basement – affordably and quickly.


At Global Basement Waterproofing, we work together, as a family, to get jobs done while providing the best, most personal service possible. Committed to providing the highest levels of service, most jobs are complete within one to three days!

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