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Massachusetts Foundation Repair: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore It

For varying reasons, homeowners find themselves facing the need for foundation repair in Massachusetts. However, a majority of the time, the need is pushed aside to focus on more pressing concerns or projects. At Global Basement Waterproofing, our team has seen this happen time and time again. Unfortunately, the homeowners that ignore the need for […]

Protecting Your Home From Water Damage in Massachusetts

Living in New England certainly brings the spice of life when it comes to the weather. No matter what the season, as a homeowner, there is always preparation to be had. For instance, water damage in Massachusetts is a prevalent concern three out of four of the seasons, assuming we have “normal” seasons. From the […]

MA Sump Pumps: Which Type is Right For Your Home?

It’s turning out to be the typical spring in New England. As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Although the flowers are beginning to bloom, the showers don’t appear to be moving their way out of the region anytime soon. MA sump pumps are one of the best ways to protect your home […]

Four Myths About RI Basement Waterproofing

  Homeowners often face the challenge of investing in improvements that they may not understand the details. Thus, you’re left to read up on the services the industry provides and often find myths on the internet. It’s hard to know where the truth lies. As dedicated professionals to basement waterproofing in RI and MA, we […]

How to Prevent RI Basement Flooding

With Spring around the corner, basement flooding in RI and MA is an area of concern for many business and homeowners alike.  From the seasonal thaw-out to the infamous spring storms, there’s a greater chance of water entering the home this time of year. However, with the proper precautions and actions you can have peace […]

Problematic Sump Pumps in Rhode Island. Now What?

Although sump pumps are reasonably reliable, like anything, you may run into issues with them. For all owners of sump pumps in Rhode Island and surrounding areas, this article is for you! Whether you’ve neglected the required routine maintenance or are dealing with improper installation, the team at Global Basement Waterproofing is here to help. […]

4 Reasons Why You Need a Home Dehumidifier System In Massachusetts

Almost all homeowners are continuously looking at new innovative ways to improve the overall health of their home. Not just their home, but the health of their family. For example, the air quality inside of the home has a significant impact on several health risks, especially in the winter months, when windows are closed. Home […]

Do Sump Pumps Need Maintenance?

Although several homeowners have made the right choice to install sump pumps in the home, they often forget one important fact. Sump pumps, like any piece of equipment, need routine maintenance. If neglected, your MA sump pumps may prove to be ineffective in heavy rains. This article goes over a few steps you can take […]

Why Fall is Perfect For Basement Waterproofing

Many people consider spring to be the best time of year for home projects. With windows open and fresh air flowing, the spring revives many people after a long New England winter. However, there are certain projects that executed during other seasons. For instance, the fall season is the perfect time of year for basement […]

Top Three Benefits of Basement Drain Systems

If you live in Massachusetts, basement drain systems can prove to be a beneficial investment for several reasons. With the freeze/thaw cycle of Mother Nature’s four seasons, New England is one of the most susceptible areas to water damage. Here at Global Basement Waterproofing, our family-owned company can provide a variety of solutions to keep […]