Benefits of a Double Sump Pump in Your MA Home

Living in New England, we are familiar with the extreme weather conditions of Mother Nature.  Whether we are under three feet of snow, trudging through torrential downpours, or enjoying the hot summer days, New Englanders are guaranteed to see a variety of elements.  Preparing your home for whatever may come is essential if you are a homeowner.  Water damage is one of the most common problems dealt with at Global Basement Waterproofing.  Sump pumps in MA are just one of many vital pieces of equipment utilized to keep your home dry and free of mold.

Used to remove water, a sump pump is typically found in the basement of the home.  The pumps are installed where flooding regularly occurs.  With water flowing into a sump pit, the sump pump takes over and moves the water from the home.  Thus, the elimination of mold and mildew occur keeping your family safe from harmful bacteria.  Although many new construction homes come standard with sump pumps, homeowners have the option of installing a combination, or backup pump.

Added Protection

If a power outage where to occur in your home having a backup pump could save your basement from flooding. Zoeller offers a variety of pumps to suit the needs of each house. The backup system is programmed to automatically activate to eliminate any downtime.  A backup system can also assist the primary pump if excessive amounts of water are entering the sump pit. Both are important features when it comes to keeping your home protected and dry.


Glentronics Pro Series Pumps have saved hours of electricity for homeowners.  Operating directly from the battery or AC power, the system also self-charges.  Thus, you are left with a  sump pump that will be guaranteed to have power.  This innovative system runs weekly testing to ensure proper operation function.  Should an issue arise with the pump, remote monitoring allows the homeowner to receive real-time alerts.  Simplicity is key with alarms that pinpoint problems and solution directly on the control panel.


Whether you are looking to have a backup or combination sump pump installed, Global Basement Waterproofing can help.  Family owned and operated, Global Basement takes pride in their dedicated team.  For more information on installation of sump pumps in MA, contact them today at (800) 593-2090.



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