Pump Systems

Sump Pump Setup

Using only the highest quality products, Global Basement leaves you confident that your foundation is protected.  Zoeller Pumps provide long-lasting operation and reliability. Operating quietly in the background, the days of worrying over a wet basement are gone.

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  • Proven Quality since 1939
  • Industrial Strength
  • Power Outage Back-Up
  • Virtually Silent Operation

Our Zoeller™ ⅓ horse pump offers superior performance and dependability while sitting flush with your basement floor. With the capability of pumping over 40 gallons per minute, along with its cast iron and stainless steel construction, you can count on a virtually noise-free operation for years to come.

Double Pump System

Installation of a second Zoeller™ pump relieves concern of pump failure. Should the primary system fair, the second automatically activates for seamless operation. This leaves your home with the protection it deserves.

Battery Backup for Power Outages

By placing a sentry near your pump and AC wall unit, you ensure constant power to the home. With monitoring, the system has the ability to automatically detect an outage. Your backup unit will switch your pump onto the AC wall outlet for the needed energy source. As this transfer occurs, backup power continues to charge the battery. This keeps you prepared should any future outages occur.

Glentronics Pro Series

Global Basement now offers Glentronics cast-aluminum Pro Series Pumps. Available in ⅓ HP, ½ HP, and 1 HP models with an energy-efficient permanent split capacitor.

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