Why Fall is Perfect For Basement Waterproofing

Many people consider spring to be the best time of year for home projects. With windows open and fresh air flowing, the spring revives many people after a long New England winter. However, there are certain projects that executed during other seasons. For instance, the fall season is the perfect time of year for basement waterproofing in RI and surrounding regions. This article will cover a few of the benefits of tackling this beneficial project during the cool season.


Reduced moisture

Unlike the spring, the fall provides homeowners many dry days. A dry basement is the ideal setting if you’re considering basement waterproofing. This setting allows sealers and other materials to properly adhere and protect your foundation. As the backbone of your home, the foundation deserves the utmost care.


Prepares your home for the upcoming elements

With Old Man Winter knocking on our door, basement waterproofing before he settles in is imperative. By doing so, you can ensure your home the optimal protection from potential freeze/thaw cycles of any absorbed water. However, if your foundation has even the smallest of cracks, come spring you’ll be able to spot and address them.


Eliminates potential health risks

With reduced moisture by creating a barrier between you and the weather, you’re ensuring a healthier environment for your family. Even the smallest amount of unattended moisture in the home can cause several health risks to your family. As most air systems are located in the basement, mold spores can easily travel and bring unwanted conditions.



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