Install a Bilco bulkhead door in your home today!

With Bilco's bulkhead doors, you can rest assured knowing that you are installing top-of-the-line doors that will provide durability, protection, and easy accessibility to and from your basement.

Bulkhead doors give you the following benefits:

  • Weather resistant
  • Easy opening
  • Maintenance free
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Energy efficient

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  1. Straightforward

    Gas Spring list help provides smooth, comfortable, operation suited for one hand and keeps doors open.

  2. Weathertight

    Gets rid of water, ensures areaway is dry and free of debris. Strong rimmed makeup eliminates water while stopping binding that ice and snow can cause.

  3. Rugged

    Heavy gauge steel and sturdy concealed hinges, protected from the weather ensure all-season operation and lasting service.

  4. Durable

    Baked-on Sherwin Williams primer provides a sustainable base for finish paint (See painting instructions). See our optional powder coat finish.

  5. Stable

    Sliding knob and inner rims keep your property safer. There is also an exterior access key model.

  6. Code-Compliant

    These bulkheads meet IRC 2012 Building requirements made for basement emergencies.

We also install Bilco Stair Stringers.

Stringer sizes are available for all size Bilco Basement Doors. Bilco stair stringers contain heavy galvanized steel, an economical and more durable alternative to wood stair stringers for your basement areaway.

Do you need the foundation under your bulkhead to be raised?

In many cases, Bulkheads are installed below the grade of your soil. In these situations, the Bulkheads should be raised with a concrete foundation before your new Bulkhead gets installed.

This will keep water from leaking into your basement.