Basement Weatherproofing: Get Your Home Ready for Winter

basement weatherproofing

There are lots of things you have to do to prepare for winter in New England, so the earlier you can get started on it, the better. Every house and property has its own quirks and needs, but there are some things that should be on every homeowner’s list. One item that often goes overlooked is basement weatherproofing. Whether your basement is finished or your only use it for storage, there are a lot of things down there that are important to your house.

Here are four simple ways to get your house ready for winter with basement weatherproofing.


Seal the Cracks

Take a walk through your basement and around your house, looking for any cracks in the foundations, walls, or brickwork. If water gets in there and then freezes, it will expand and make the crack worse. That can lead to structural problems and flooding later on. Cracks also let excess moisture into your home, which can allow mold to grow.


Insulate the Pipes

Any pipes that run along the walls close to the exterior of your home are at risk of freezing when the weather gets cold. If those pipes are properly insulated, the risk of a pipe freezing and bursting is greatly reduced. Before you insulate your pipes, check for cracks or weak spots that might split or leak.


Check the Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump, you know that routine maintenance is important. You don’t want to find out by way of a flooded basement that there’s something wrong with it. Take a look at the sump pump and make sure that nothing can get sucked into the inlet and block the pump. You can double-check that the pump is working by pouring a bucket of water into the pit. If you run the pump without water, you run the risk of burning it out.


Look for Pooling Water

After it rains, walk around the perimeter of your house and look for pooling water near the foundation. Take note of where the water is gathering so you can fill in those areas with soil or gravel to create a slope. While you’re at it, make sure that your gutters are clear and not clogged or overflowing.


Basement Weatherproofing by Global Basement

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