Do Sump Pumps Need Maintenance?

Although several homeowners have made the right choice to install sump pumps in the home, they often forget one important fact. Sump pumps, like any piece of equipment, need routine maintenance. If neglected, your MA sump pumps may prove to be ineffective in heavy rains. This article goes over a few steps you can take to ensure optimal performance from your home investment.


Inspect the power source

One of the fundamental checks for your sump pump is the source of power. As with anything, if the primary source of power fails, or isn’t properly connected, your sump pump will not be able to operate. However, before performing any maintenance, you’ll want to disconnect the pump from the power supply. Once you’re done, fill the basin with water, so the unit doesn’t operate under dry conditions.


Monitor the placement of the pump

Often, when the pump is running, the vibrations can cause the unit to shift. If a shift occurs, the water can tilt, causing the float to also shift out of place.


Test the pump’s operation

By filling the basin with water, you can trick your pump into automatically starting. This task will give you peace of mind that the unit is operational and will function when needed.


Clean the grate

Over time debris can accumulate in the grate. By removing the pump from the basin, you’ll be able to locate the grate at the bottom of the unit. Removing and cleaning this element will help to eliminate clogs that could lead your unit to malfunction.


Inspect the drainage pipes

If your sump pump is to fill, the drainage pipes allow water to flow out of the unit. Thus, inspecting that all joints are secured tightly will ensure that draining water makes it ways outdoors. Furthermore, all drainage pipes should be facing away from the foundation of your home. Be sure the venting area is free of debris as well.


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