How a Sump Pump Installer Can Save Your Basement

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If you have lived in New England for any length of time, you know that spring is wet. Snow from the winter melts faster than the ground can thaw and absorb it. And then the rain begins. When you’re standing in your basement with water up to your ankles, you’ll wish you’d called a sump pump installer. For over twenty years, Global Basement Waterproofing has been providing services and solutions to basement flooding to our customers in Massachusetts. One of those solutions is a sump pump.

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The Sump Pit

When a sump pump is installed, it sits in a hole in your basement floor, called a sump pit or sump basin. As water saturates the ground around your foundation, it can seep into your basement. As the lowest point, the sump pit is the first place the water will collect. When the water level gets high enough, it activates the sump pump. The pump has either a pressure switch or a float arm that turns on the pump when the water level gets too high.

The Discharge Pipe

Once the pump activates, an impeller inside the pump draws water out of the sump pit. Using centrifugal force, the pump sends the water up a discharge pipe. To keep the water from flowing back into your basement, the sump pump installer will lay the pipe to that it empties away and downhill from your home’s foundation. So that it doesn’t freeze in the winter, the pipe is also buried at least five inches below the frost line.

The Power Supply

You install a sump pump to keep your basement from flooding during times of heavy precipitation, which is also when your power is likely to fail. A pro sump pump installer like Global Basement has a couple of ways around that. Sump pumps are usually wired into your home’s electricity, so they are often installed with a backup battery. If your pump should fail outside of a power outage, you can also opt for a double pump system. If the primary pump should fail, you have a backup in place and nothing to worry about.

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Global Basement: Sump Pump Installer

Whether you’ve had basement flooding in the past or just want to avoid it in the future, you need a sump pump installer. Contact Global Basement today to find out how our services can keep your basement dry.

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