Microchannel Basement Drain Systems in Massachusetts 

Living in New England, we are susceptible to various weather climates. Throughout our experience of the four seasons, it’s apparent that two of the four guarantee vast amounts of moisture. Because our homes’ basements are beneath the ground, ensuring the proper drainage system is crucial to avoid unwanted, costly damage. The experts at Global Basement Waterproofing offer various options when it comes to basement drain systems in Massachusetts. One of the many options is a microchannel installation. This type of drainage system can provide many appealing features when considering your options for basement waterproofing.


The System is Economical

Microchannel drains are an affordable option for basement waterproofing. Often available at many local hardware stores, micro channel drains can be self-installed. This DIY solution provides the homeowner with a lower-cost alternative. However, budget-friendly saving on labor costs may be, it sure doesn’t outweigh the cons if something were to go wrong.


Easy to Install

If you do opt for self-installation, you may be surprised at the ease of the process. Although it is not a promise, a micro channel can be reasonably quick to install. Generally, channel sections snap together, making a seamless drain system. However, if installed incorrectly, you may find yourself with more significant issues to deal with. Often, product warranties become void if not installed by a professional. Similarly, if your basement were to flood, your insurance claim may be denied.



Because microchannel is often manufactured from lightweight materials, installation becomes much easier. As long as things go as planned, and there are no surprise elements, a quick, professional installation means a smaller cost towards your budget.



Engineered with recessed grate options, microchannel drains substantially improve runoff water in residential areas. This highly effective method can be combined with other elements such as sump pumps and perimeter drains. This combination helps to obtain a complete basement drain system in your Massachusetts home.


Don’t leave your home open and susceptible to water damage. Contact Global Basement Waterproofing to help ensure a quick and effective installation of basement drain systems in Massachusetts. Installed deep under the surface, your new microchannel drain system will provide quality basement waterproofing. Servicing Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Global Basement is happy to offer free estimates. 

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