basementfinishWhen you need to get something expensive - whether it is a service or a product itself - you should take the time to care about the details and have faith in the company you use. It’s the best way to feel right about what you pay for and gain confidence in your decision. Otherwise, you may end up with a faulty product that isn’t going to provide what you need and function poorly. Thanks to The Internet’s consistent innovation, it’s easier now more than ever to get information. To that end, Internet culture has given birth to plenty of spaces where they can share insight or reviews about products.

The availability of feedback and information is great for customers and companies alike. Companies understand how their products get received and have the feedback they need to improve what needs to get fixed. Customers, on the other hand, can gain an understanding of a company and what they offer in a short amount of time and gauge what other buyers think. If they see negative reports, it helps them avoid companies that aren’t great for customers. We’re proud to be a company that has quality customer service and always strives to make an impact in the lives of our clients.

We’re always happy to provide insight into what we do and find out what people think about our processes or quality of work. We encourage them to submit reviews to us so we know how we can improve and present what others need to know about our services and business as a whole. If you want to get our services but don’t know much about us, consider these reviews so you know what to expect and the quality repairs we provide. Read about what our customers have to say about our services below!

"True professionals! My backyard doghouse entrance was replaced with a bulkhead. All options were explained clearly and thoroughly. From the beginning of the job to the end, the work was done in a timely fashion, the contractor paid attention to detail and cleanup was done without a problem. I would not hesitate to recommend Global Basement to friends and family."

- M-lisa Moss

"Had Global Basement install a french drain in my basement did an awesome job, was done in two days. They are very professional, and I was pleased with the price that I was quoted would highly recommend this company to my friends & family !!!!!"

- Joel Figueroa

"Global Basement does an awesome job. Great customer service and great work. I highly recommend them."

- Deborah McLaughlin

"Bob and his crew showed up when they were scheduled it was an emergency service they installed a pump and drain they are professional I will recommend Global to others."

- Edward O.

"My basement got flooded overnight. I called other places but no one was able to help me but them. They came over the same day I called. Thanks to Jenn and Bob, we got the basement nice and dry. They are due to come back another time to finish the whole project, but so far I am very happy with their services. HIGHLY recommended."

- Pedro M.

"I can not say enough about Global Basement Waterproofing. Their timely response when I called was superlative. They came out the same day and their quality of work A+. Bob and Anthony were professional and extremely competent. I have already recommended them to 3 neighbors. Their lifetime guarantee removes any future worry about me getting water in my basement."

- Karen C.

"I have used this company to install and service issue that I was having can't say enough good things about this company. Thank you to Bob M. and company. Highly Recommended"

- Antonio S.