Why Do Basements Flood in the Winter?

basement flooding ri

We usually associate basement flooding with spring because the snow melts and it starts to rain again. But many people experience basement flooding in the winter, too. At Global Basement Waterproofing, we don’t really have an off-season. We’re prepared to deal with basement flooding in RI at any time of year, and we want our customers to be prepared, too. If you know why basements flood in the winter, you can be ready.


These are the most common reasons for winter basement flooding in RI.


Ice and Snow Buildup

The thing about frozen water like ice and snow is that it can melt pretty quickly. After a big snow or ice storm, some of it will start to melt, especially near your house. The temperature of your house is higher than the ice and snow surrounding it, so it causes it to melt. One of the many problems with this situation is that the ice and snow that melts first is right up against your foundation. Because the surrounding ground is frozen, the water needs somewhere to go. And more often than not, that somewhere else is your basement.


Poor Drainage

The grading surrounding your home and foundation is a major contributing factor to whether or not your basement is likely to flood. Making sure that your grading and drainage will carry water away from your house is an essential step in your winter prep. In areas where deep snow is a common occurrence, digging a drainage ditch is an effective way to direct the water away from your home to prevent flooding.


Burst Pipes or Equipment Failure

Even if you are lucky enough to have never had a pipe burst, you probably know someone who has. Whether you have firsthand knowledge or not, you know a burst pipe is awful to deal with. Not only do you have to replace the pipe, but you also have to clean up all the water. Other than your pipes, you could have a leaking washing machine or water tank.


basement flooding ri

Prevent Basement Flood in RI with Global Basement Waterproofing

There are some things that are out of your control, but you can always be prepared. To ensure that you’re ready in the event of basement flooding in RI, call Global Basement for foundation repair, waterproofing, and more.


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