Four Myths About RI Basement Waterproofing


Homeowners often face the challenge of investing in improvements that they may not understand the details. Thus, you’re left to read up on the services the industry provides and often find myths on the internet. It’s hard to know where the truth lies. As dedicated professionals to basement waterproofing in RI and MA, we at Global Basement Waterproofing want to take the time to dispel some of the most common myths.




Basement waterproofing is unnecessary

There are those who are frugal, those who are lavish – no matter where your spending habits fall, basement waterproofing is often seen as a pointless project. While a simple DIY weekend waterproofing job entices many homeowners, more often than not, it will not solve your concerns. In fact, many DIY attempts fail. Foundational issues and corrections require attention from a team of experienced, dedicated professionals.


Basement waterproofing is costly

We won’t lie, RI basement waterproofing not as cheap as a weekend DIY project, but it’s worth every penny. Like other elements of your home that you budget for replacement or upgrades (roofing, kitchens, etc.), your basement is the frontline to your home’s backbone. So, just like your roof, your basement deserves the TLC.

Finding an honest company that operates on dedication and integrity is vital. At Global Basement Waterproofing, we work with our customers to find a reasonable price and rate that works within your budget. Besides, making the investment now could save you thousands in future water damage.


Waterproofing doesn’t work

Unfortunately, there are some professionals out there who aren’t the best at their job. These companies leave poor impressions on the customers who spent money on the waterproofing process. However, true professionals in the industry dedicate themselves to basement waterproofing in RI and do it correctly. When choosing a company, be sure to read reviews, ask around, and follow up on references provided by the company in question.


Waterproofing is a one-size fits all solution

Just like people, every home is different. Thus, every basement has different specifications waterproofing professionals must bear in mind. While one solution may work well for your neighbor, it could be an entirely different case for your basement. It’s a case-by-case basis.



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