Three Reasons You Need A Patio In Your Life

Like clothing and cars, home layout and style is influenced by rising and falling trends. Things like kitchens and bathrooms are staples, but one trend on the rise is outdoor living space. In a survey by, 51% of buyers said that “outdoor living was the most attractive quality in a home.” Global Basement Waterproofing, a leader in foundation repair in MA, can provide high quality paver installation to get your backyard looking inviting and ready for the summer.


Increase the Value of Your Home

Outdoor living spaces are characterized as both kitchen and entertaining spaces, and choosing our custom designed stonework is a less expensive alternative to installing a raised deck. Adding an outdoor patio to your home effectively adds a whole room, increase your home’s value significantly without breaking the bank. According to a landscape architecture survey, 98% of home buyers and owners want a patio, deck or terrace. The only home improvement projects more valuable than adding outdoor space are fixing broken systems and foundation repair in MA.


Enjoy Your Backyard

Unless you prefer sitting in the grass or in a lawn chair on uneven ground, it’s unlikely you’re enjoying your backyard as much as you could be. Adding a stone patio gives you the opportunity to add furniture and make your yard an extension of your home. Creating an outdoor kitchen also keeps you cool during the hot summer months – cooking outside won’t heat up your house. It’s important to keep the size of your yard in mind when building a patio; you don’t want it to overtake the green space!


Personalize the Exterior

The inside of your home is likely full of personal touches – shouldn’t the outside reflect who you are too? With custom designed stonework, the professionals here at Global Basement Waterproofing bring your designs to life and make sure the exterior of your home feels just as welcoming as the inside.


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