Problematic Sump Pumps in Rhode Island. Now What?

Although sump pumps are reasonably reliable, like anything, you may run into issues with them. For all owners of sump pumps in Rhode Island and surrounding areas, this article is for you!

Whether you’ve neglected the required routine maintenance or are dealing with improper installation, the team at Global Basement Waterproofing is here to help. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common signs of potential problems with your sump pump, and what to do if you notice them.


Clogged or frozen lines

This time of year in New England is host to frozen lines. In fact, frozen pipes and lines are one of the most common issues with sump pumps in Rhode Island during the winter months. However, if you consider slotted discharge pipes, you’ll enable an exit for water, even if the pipes become clogged.


Debris in the pit

Another common problem is the accumulation of debris in the sump pits. If too much dirt or other debris collects in the pump itself, the system may completely shut down. It’s always best practice to keep your pit areas covered with a solid lid to best protect your sump pump.


Faulty power switches

Every so often we come upon a system that doesn’t want to turn off. Well, maybe it does, but the switch is stuck in the ON position. If this happens, your sump pump will almost certainly burn out. However, with routine checks of your system, you can have peace of mind that all of its components are correctly functioning.


Broken check valve

Similar to faulty power switches, check valves can also be the reason for concern if your system is failing. Issues within the check valves can increase the pressure put onto the sump pump, causing operation failure. Again, routine maintenance checks can help to avoid these situations.


It may be time for a replacement

Like the appliances in your home, sump pumps have a life expectancy as well. If your system has been around a while, it may be time to check the dates. While most pumps last around ten years, certain factors can shorten this timeframe.


When all else fails and your sump pumps in Rhode Island are giving you trouble, call the team at Global Basement Waterproofing. With decades of industry experience, our team can evaluate and recommend actions to preserve the integrity of your current system. To schedule your appointment, contact us today at (800) 593-2090.

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