Understanding How Home Dehumidifier Systems Work

Santa-Fe home dehumidifier systems in Rhode Island are keeping our team busy here at Global Basement Waterproofing! With the winter season quickly approaching, homeowners are making preparations. Although you may not consider winter the time of year for a dehumidifier, it’s actually the best time of year to invest in one.

When the winter thaw begins, the demand for home dehumidifier systems in Rhode Island will be at an all-time high. Thus, the chances of purchasing a system and having timely installation become less probable. Planning ahead not only provides a shorter turnaround but, often, you will find you have more options to select between.

If you’ve been on the fence about a dehumidifier, not quite sure what it would do for your home or business, you’ll want to continue reading. As experts in basement waterproofing, we’re taking this time to explain how dehumidification works and why every family can benefit.



Dehumidifiers regulate environmental humidity in closed spaces by removing moisture from the air. According to experts, controlling the humidity inside the home and workspace is crucial not only for your respiratory health but also for your comfort.  And some even go as far as to consider the potential of structural compromise.

The latter becomes a concern when one considers the primary sources of humidity. The basement and attic are the areas that have the highest levels of moisture. Coincidentally, they are also both integral factors to the overall integrity of your home.

If water penetrates the basement, mold and mildew growth are highly likely. Spreading their spores throughout your home by means of your ventilation system, your family could face several health risks. Likewise, if water enters through the attic space and remains untouched, not only will mold and mildew growth occur, but the water can also penetrate the wood of your home.


home dehumidifier system

How home dehumidifier systems work

Now that you’re starting to understand the risks of untreated moisture levels, it’s important to understand how dehumidification works. Below is a brief overview provided by the experts at Santa-Fe:


  • First, humid air flows into the dehumidifier through a high-efficiency air filter.
  • It then passes over the evaporator coil. The coil’s cold surface combined with humid air forces water to condense and droplets to form on the coil’s surface.
  • This water then drops into the drain pan and runs out of the dehumidifier though the drain tube.
  • Then cold, dry air passes over the condenser coils and is heated. The warm, dry air is then supplied to the location needing dehumidification.


Fifty percent of the air breathed in your home comes from the basement. Potentially containing high amounts of mold spores, mildew, dust mites, and bacteria, it’s imperative to remedy the situation immediately. At Global Basement Waterproofing, we’re proud distributors of Santa-Fe home dehumidifier systems in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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