Is The Water Damage In Your MA Home New Or Old?

Have you forgotten to check your basement walls and finally noticed water damage that wasn’t there before? One of the most persistent and common issues that Global Basement Waterproofing runs into is water damage in MA homes. Let’s think about it. New England has snow, rain, and every other weather under the sun. Plus, every home has a plethora of pipes running throughout the walls. 


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All of these aspects of the home will inevitably lead to water damage over time, whether it’s small or large. Thus, it’s essential to inspect and keep your eye out for suspicious water stains and other issues which could lead to more significant problems. Therefore, let’s dive into our tips on whether or not water damage in your home is new or old. Then, you can call the experts at Global Basement Waterproofing to help you fix the issue at the source!



Determining The Age Of Water Damage in MA


  • Age Of The Home: When renting or purchasing a home, it’s crucial to note visible water damage spots. This also helps you down the line in determining whether the damage is old or new. Small leaks can take months to appear finally visibly, so diagnosing issues as soon as possible is the best for the integrity of your home.
  • What Does It Feel Like: One of the easiest ways to check the water damage is by touching it. Why? Well, it tells you the age quickly. If the wall is mushy and soft, the water damage will be older as it’s had plenty of time to penetrate the materials. On the other hand, if the wall is wet but still firm, the leak is newer. 
  • Are There Water Rings: Are there visible water rings in the area you’ve noticed damage? Water rings around the water spot could indicate a reoccurring issue. Think of it like the rings on a tree. The more rings around a single area indicate older age as the region gets wet and dries repeatedly.
  • Mold Or Decay: Spot any mold, mildew, or visible decay? When mold has time to colonize a region, it means the water damage has been there for a few days. But, if there is mold and visible decay to the materials, it means it’s not the first occurrence of the water damage. 



Global Basement Waterproofing

If you’re dealing with water damage in MA, it’s time to take a closer look at the underlying reason. For expert advice and remedy you can trust, contact Global Basement Waterproofing.  


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