Why You Should Consider A Bulkhead

Many homeowners have experienced the overwhelming task of keeping up with your home.  With what seems an endless to-do list, there is always something to be done.  This time of year in New England, flooding is a common element making its way onto those lists.  Basement flooding in MA happens more often during the spring and summer months than other times throughout the year.  From melting snow to summer storms, taking the proper precautions becomes imperative to avoiding water damage.

Although bulkheads may not be on the must-have list, they are a quality investment that will provide the protection you’re looking for.  Here at Global Basement Waterproofing, we encourage all of our customers to consider every option when looking to improve their home.  This article highlights a few of the benefits a bulkhead can offer when it concerns basement protection.

Weather Resistance

Most homes have some sort of protection in line when it concerns flooding.  Whether you’ve installed sump pumps or had your foundation lined, extra precautions are always a worthwhile investment.  Bulkheads provide a durable, weatherproof surface to keep outside water at bay. Bilco Bulkhead doors are an excellent solution providing high levels of weather resistance. Meeting code requirements, these doors go beyond weather when it comes to the benefits they provide.



Basement doors, or bulkheads, are ideal for easy access to your home.  Whether you’re moving large items in or out, bulkheads will prove to be the hassle-free solution you need.  If water is to enter your home, removing items as quickly as possible is going to prove itself an crucial step.  Water can cause damage to any item that sits directly on the basement floor.  With the ability to remove precious belongings in a timely manner, you can give yourself peace of mind.


Low Maintenance

There’s beauty in simplicity, and bulkheads provide homeowners simple solutions.  Safe, code-compliant basement access with a weather-tight, easy operation system is easier than you think.  With professional installation, your bulkhead is virtually maintenance free.  Rust and rot proof, will prove to be key features when summer storms roll in. 


Bulkheads are a well-made solution to help avoid basement flooding in MA while making your home more secure and accessible. The expert team at Global Basement Waterproofing will work with you and your budget to make your home sure this season.  Contact us today at (800)-593-2090 for more information on why bulkhead installation is the perfect solution for your home.

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